Customizable Documentation


Hudu offers customizable building blocks of documentation called assets that offer limitless capabilities.


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Solution overview

With assets, Hudu allows you to keep up with changing IT environments and new data inputs. Use the Hudu Asset Layout Wizard to easily build out assets with new validations, fields, and possibilities.

Main benefits

  • Easily create powerful asset layouts from scratch.
  • Choose from a template library of over 12 different pre-built asset layout templates to kickstart documentation.
  • Easily sort, search and find assets.
  • Use our REST API to programmatically create and update assets.
  • Create custom validation rules to ensure high quality documentation.
  • Utilize flags to easily mark poor documentation for review.
  • Add related files, passwords, and comments directly to assets to keep everything in one place.


Technical details

  • Role-based employee access is included.
  • Assets have a rolling historical view which allows you to revert unwanted changes.
  • Access logs per employee and company are included.
  • Hudu is available self-hosted, where you will control all data, or via Magic Cloud, our hosted offering which provides worry-free setup and ongoing maintenance.
  • Files and passwords added to assets in Hudu are stored with AES 256-bit encryption.
  • All information within Hudu is encrypted in-transit.

Pricing and more details

For more pricing details, consult our pricing documentation. If you have additional questions, please reach out to chat with one of our experts.

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