Employee Accountability


Hudu provides employee accountability protection to ensure your documentation is protected.


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Solution overview

Any potential bad actors can jeopardize critical business processes, while good actors help grow your business and create quality documentation. With Hudu, you can easily identify the bad actors from the good.

Main benefits

  • User access logs so you can view a history of changes and viewed items.
  • Display user statistics.
  • Restrict employees by day and time of the week they can login to view documentation.
  • Granular content restrictions.
  • User roles for defining permissions of an employee.

Technical details

  • Administrators have an intuitive interface for enabling restrictions.
  • Access logs display IP address, time, and more.
  • User statistics include last login date, time, and IP, as well as more granular reports.

Pricing and more details

For more pricing details, consult our pricing documentation. If you have additional questions, please reach out to chat with one of our experts.

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