Process Management


Keep everyone on the same page, every time, with Hudu Processes, a simple way to manage recurring checklists and procedures.


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Solution overview

Hudu Processes allows you to create simple checklists for your team to follow. Attach processes to assets in order to make them instances and have a simple way to keep track of when processes were completed. Whether the process is for employee onboarding, termination, or IT support, Hudu Processes provides a simple way of getting everyone on the same page.

Main benefits

  • Easily create processes alongside the rest of your documentation.
  • Easily see completion percentage of processes, and of all child instances.
  • See which team members are completing each task.
  • Attach instances to assets to provide seamless documentation.


Technical details

  • Role-based employee access is included.
  • Files and related items can be attached to processes.
  • Access logs per employee and company are included.
  • All information within Hudu is encrypted in-transit.

Pricing and more details

For more pricing details, consult our pricing documentation. If you have additional questions, please reach out to chat with one of our experts.

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