Hudu for Managed Service Providers


Hudu is designed for multi-tenant IT documentation. Easily document, find, and organize multiple client's information, while maintaining secure barriers between confidential information.


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Solution overview

Built from the ground up with Managed Service Providers in mind, Hudu provides an enhanced IT documentation suite with features and tools made for assisting Managed Service Providers. Hudu allows you to easily group and separate client information into unique companies. Predictive filtering will help you organize exactly what information belongs to each company. Intuitive dashboards will allow you to easily make sense of all the information you need to know per company.

Main benefits

  • Easily store and access general company information.
  • Store knowledge in articles unique to a company or pull from global templates that can auto-populate based on company information.
  • Create repeatable processes/checklists and store them within a company to make recurring tasks simple.
  • Create powerful relations between items in a company.
  • Store company passwords securely alongside the rest of a company's documentation.
  • Utilize custom-built assets to store even the most complex of documentation.
  • Data from integrations can be seamlessly viewed with the rest of your documentation.

Technical details

  • Role-based employee access is included.
  • All assets and articles have a rolling historical view which allows you to revert unwanted changes.
  • Access logs per employee and company are included.
  • Hudu is available self-hosted, where you will control all data, or via Magic Cloud, our hosted offering which provides worry-free setup and ongoing maintenance.
  • Files and passwords added in Hudu are stored with AES 256-bit encryption.
  • All information within Hudu is encrypted in-transit.

Pricing and more details

For more pricing details, consult our pricing documentation. If you have additional questions, please reach out to chat with one of our experts.

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